Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Christmas at my Parent's"

We did Christmas Eve at my mom's house this year. This is the first year in my life that we haven't spent this night at my Granny's house for dinner and presents. She changed things up so that her kids could have their children and grandchildren over for Christmas Eve. It turned out great for us, because we were able to all come together, eat, and open presents without being rushed.

My mom decided to cook "breakfast" for supper. Which we are all big fans of around here. Especially the sausage pinwheels...they are delicious!

We were missing Jenny and baby Taiden for our Christmas celebration. Jenny delivered Taiden on December 22nd. They weren't ready to get out and about yet, but Chad and Teagan made it for a little while.

Here is a picture of my Dad and his two youngest grandsons,
Archer and Charlie.

NaNa feeding Charlie. You can always count on her to feed a baby. I think she's a little biased towards the boys, maybe because she had 4 of her own...no girls!
Look at those precious angels...Can't you just see their halos?
All of the grandkids, minus Taiden.
7 grandkids 4 and under...3 new ones in 2009!
My mom made all of their matching shirts.

I think my mom got a little carried away with the gift giving!
Who needs Santa when you've got GranGran and PawPaw?

Teagan leading this little train to the living room.
Notice all the big kids in back have their eyes closed...
They got such a kick out of this!
Pure F.U.N.
Waiting patiently...

Huett and Ava with their "Super Why" computers from Target.
They also got the dress-up costumes from "Super Why".
FYI: "Super Why" is a show on Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) which teaches them to read. They LOVE this show!

Teagan with her new baby doll and
Sam with his new coloring book case.

We got Mom this print custom made for Christmas.
Jenny ordered it online, and she got to pick the letters she wanted to use to spell "Huett".
We got Dad a TomTom(navigation tool) for his work truck. He said he loves it.
We had a fun Christmas Eve, and my mom was so glad she got us all over to spend some time as a family. Thanks Mom and Dad! We had a great time!


  1. I don't think I went overboard with all the goodies for my babies!! But your daddy did say: I sure wish I had a price tag for everything that was given to our grandbabies but I said no you don't!!!!

  2. And if anyone is wondering why the white t-shirts and matching pants--We were eating breakfast so I bought everyone white t-shirts and pj pants to match!!! Oh what fun!!

  3. Okay, that frame with the "letters" in it done like that is awesome!! I've been looking for 'letters' in things so I can start doing some of those cuz I'd seen them before and loved 'em.

    That is a boocoo of tiny little matching kids. What a group y'all had!!! Precious.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Wanted to stop by and visit yours as well.... Welcome back ANYTIME!