Thursday, January 7, 2010

"9 months old already!"

A few facts about Archer's 9 month self:

He loves to play with his toys.
He can pull himself up onto his knees.
He runs in his walker and knows how to avoid obstacles.

He knows how to get to what he wants.
He can almost crawl.
He can push himself into a sitting position from his belly. He has 4 teeth...2 on bottom and 2 on top!
He weights about 22-24 pounds.

He loves to eat everything I let him have.
He can pick up snacks and put them in his mouth.
He likes to hold a 4oz. bottle and feed himself.

I can't believe he is growing so fast. I am so lucky to have been blessed with such a sweet baby boy. He is so laid back and easy going. He lights up when his big sister comes around. His blue eyes just draw you in! You can't help but love him up.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for this special little guy!


  1. What a blessing he is and will continue to be and yes those big blue eyes will melt you into doing what ever he wants from you!! And I can't believe that he is already 9 months old.. He better slow down a little bit!!

  2. Happy 9 months Archer! Hudson didn't cut a single tooth until he was 12 months old, Archer already has him beat!! He is so stinkin' cute!!!

  3. when you write things like love him up, I can't help but be reminded of Mikey's gross Dora cafe just sounds sexual...anyway, I love my little golden Arch! His cheeks were absolutely made for kissing and not just little smooches either, but the kind where you just bury your face in his fat, soft skin!! Oooh I wish he was here right now!!
    Happy 3/4 of a year Great Arch of St. Louis, gateway to the West.