Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Too soon..."

This sweet boy turns one next week!

This was a picture from the day he turned 6 months.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"busy busy bee"

It's been too long since I've blogged about anything...I had a case of the blog blahs. Anyway, I hope to get out of this slump and back to blogging soon.

It isn't that I haven't been busy. I finally got to shop at my fave consignment sale of the season, I've got a contract on a house that is scheduled to close before April 15, Easter is a week away, and Archer's big "one-year bash" is in less than 2 weeks!

Also, I have been busy doing some crafting projects...painting flower pots, embroidering shirts for the kids, making a cute Easter bowtie, making Archer's Easter basket to match Ava's, and working my way through 3 boxes full of material swatches given to us by our local furniture store!

Not only that, but this weather has been great! We have been outside a lot this weekend. Archer has crawled all over the back yard. I wasn't sure what he would think about crawling in the grass, but he doesn't mind it.

Archer has started walking some...still crawling the majority of the time, but I think he will be a commited walker by his birthday party!

Back to blogging with a purpose soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

"Eighty Years Young"

Here's my NaNa's birthday party pictures I promised.
It turned out to be even better than we imagined.
The weather was beautiful, the food was scrumptious,
and NaNa had plenty of friends and family to celebrate with.

We couldn't keep the kids out of this fruit tray.
Everytime I turned around, they had another handful of grapes!

We went with a spring theme,
with bright and soft pastels and spring flowers.
We used a long row of tables down the center of the room,
surrounded by round tables on either side.

We wanted to add something special that represented NaNa,
so we made these cards and quoted
some of her favorite memory verses and sayings.
She taught us to quote this verse from an early age!

When someone asks NaNa how she's doing,
you can always count on her to say,
"I'm blessed and highly favored of the Lord."
Now that stops some people in their tracks and gets them thinking.

After most of the guests had arrived,
NaNa took the center stage for an impromptu speech.
Trust me, you don't have to twist her arm to get
a good word/testimony out of her.
She laid it on us, and then thanked us all for coming.
My NaNa is a character thats for sure!

Here's NaNa posing with her beautiful cake.

Here's a shot of the crowd enjoying their refreshments.

Now, here's a picture of the cutest man at the party.

My dad and Teagan

Huett and Ava pausing for a picture.
They ran around the entire party!

Archer enjoyed getting to eat some big people food.

Me and my kids.

Everybody wanted to see Archer taking some steps.
He wasn't cooperating,
and ever since he has rebelled against trying to walk anymore!

Here's the extended family...
Chad, Jenny, Taiden, and Teagan...
Mom and Dad...
Tiffany, Mikey, Huett, Sam, and Charlie...
Me, Ava, and Archer

My NaNa is the oldest of 7 siblings.
They are all still living it up, Hodgson family style!
One of my great-uncles just had open heart surgery,
so he didn't make it to the party.

Ava had to stick around and help clean up with the rest of us,
so she got to be the one to let the balloons go.
She wanted them to take her away, but it just didn't happen.
I hope I have as much loving family
as NaNa does to throw me a big birthday bash
when I turn eighty.
Oh what the heck, I'll settle for just a cake!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Come on, Vamanos!"

We went to the McWane Science Center
to have dinner with Dora and Diego.

Here are our pictures from the night.
If you are ever in Birmingham, Alabama I highly recommend it!
After we got our tickets, we went upstairs to have dinner.

These are the items you get
to help you with your scavenger hunt.
A trusty compass and magnifying glass.

There was a long line to get food,
but the kids were able to play nearby while we waited.
Does anyone remember this scene from "Big"?

Trying to intimidate the scavenger hunt competition.

Dinner included caesar salad, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad,
chicken fingers, cheeseburger sliders, cookies, and drinks.
It was perfect for adults and kids alike.

My brother and his family.
Chad, Jenny, Teagan, and Taiden

My sister and her family.
Tiffany, Mikey, Huett and Sam

They have a new preschool area.
These are some pictures of the new stuff.

I just liked this picture, because I am a nurse you know!
Watch out!
Sam is behind the wheel.

How can I help you?
The other preschool area is really cool too
It's called, "Just Mice Size".
Everything is oversized.
Flowing water activity table.

Puzzle anyone? out little mice!

We did a little role playing.
I was Ava's alien captive who she was going to have for dinner.
I escaped.
Bed of Nails!
Princess and the pea, this was not. And finally, after playing through the McWane Center,
We made our way back up to see Dora and Diego.
Ava wanted to sit by Diego instead of Dora...go figure!
What a fun night we had. A very unique experience. It was great to go through the exhibits and play areas without having huge numbers of people crowding you out. Usually there are large groups of churches, preschools, or field trip students.

I also got to hold my new niece Taiden for the first time. She is two and a half months old, but they are sticklers about not doing much with baby until they are pass the two month mark. Its kind of a bummer, but I wasn't going to be the one to go over there and get that sweet baby sick. Anyway, it was worth the wait. She is just precious!

If you get a chance to go to something like this in your area, I highly recommend it! We had a fun, family time. Archer would have enjoyed it, but I left him at home with my mom this time. I had my hands full trying to keep up with Ava all night long anyway!

Monday, March 15, 2010

"A Day in the Life..."

A day in the life of these two.
I never know what to expect out of them.
For certain, they love each other!

Archer is taking steps now.
Ava is his biggest fan and coach!

Blessed beyond belief!