Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Finally a Snow Day"

I just found these pictures on my mom's camera. I had to work the day it finally snowed and put some inches on the ground! This is a picture of Ava playing outside while the snow continued to fall. We ended up with 1-2 inches.

My mom said that Ava played outside for over two hours. Never complaining about the cold. She has on a pair of my mom's isotoner, leather gloves and they make her hands look huge! When my dad got home from work that night, he helped her make this snowman...if you want to call it that. They didn't have anything to make it a face, so they just left it like this. It was out in the backyard for the rest of the week, melting one snowball at a time. I didn't get home that night until almost 8 o'clock, so we didn't go back out that late. The next morning, the ground was still covered with snow. Me and Ava went on an adventure walk around the neighborhood. We had such a fun time jumping over the little creeks, breaking the frozen water puddles, and just enjoying being outside playing in the snow!

I'm so glad we got some snow before this winter season was over. Now, I'm getting ready for the spring time fun.

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