Monday, March 1, 2010

"101 Dalmations"

Shame on me. I did NOT wait 2 months to post about Ava's first musical experience. Back in January, we went to see 101 Dalmations, the musical featured in Birmingham's Broadway Across America series. The theater is older, but it is cool none the less. Check out these fiberoptic lights that were hanging overhead. Look at those 3, I can just picture them in the future as takes my breath away!
We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the theater, so we got our last shot before we went in. I was disappointed, but not the same reason I was here.
The show was entertainment from beginning to end. The music was upbeat and grand. Everything you want a musical to be. When we were leaving the show,
I asked the kids what they thought about it.

I asked Huett, "What was your favorite part?"
He said, "Nothing."
I asked Sam, "Did you like it?"
He said, "Nah."
I said, "Ava what was your favorite part?"
She said, "Everything."
That just shows you some of the differences between boys and girls. The boys were ready to go after the first couple of songs. The show held Ava's attention from beginning to end, she even changed her mind about making a bathroom run because the music started playing. At the end of the show, when everyone stands and claps for the cast, Ava sprang to her feet and clapped. She even threw her fist up in the air in some kind of celebratory fashion. She was just so into it! I looked over at Tiffany like, did you just see her do that?

Now, for my take on the going with preschoolers. The tickets themselves could have been a lot more, but I had a promotion code to receive 50% off the price. So, that brought the total down to $30 a ticket. That sounds pricey, but you have to think about it like this. There wasn't any great big stands full of merchandise or snacks. There was one small stand selling t-shirts, but we bypassed that. Also, you could bring your own snacks for intermission! My purse was loaded down with some cookies, candy, and drinks. I'm pretty sure I spent less money on this trip than I did our trip to Disney on Ice.

It was such a great experience. Maybe Ava will have a future in theater. I just like opening these kind of doors for her. She talked about the show for days. She even sat down at my mom's tiny little kid piano and started playing and singing, "Cruella De-Vil, Cruella De-Vil, if she doesn't scare you nothing will." So cute and priceless!

Wizard of Oz, the we come in a few weeks!


  1. Well atleast you know for next time. Hey know if they had a Transformers musical...

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Ava's dress is SOOOOO cute!
    We are taking our two-year old to Disney on Ice next weekend, a little nervous! Trying to get all the fun things we can in before Daddy deploys! I think it is so neat you take your kids to these things regularly! What fun memories.

  3. the boys responses are too funny....Ava throwing her arm up in the air is hilarious. Ava's outfit is way too cute. What size is she is?....i would love to buy some of her stuff before you consign it if she is a size bigger than Henley. They might be the same size though. She is getting out of a 5 now...I am starting to buy 6's!

  4. Oh I wish I could have been there but my two little grandsons needed their GranGran!!! And that is just like Huett and Sam to say those things and Ava to be so excited about the musical!!