Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"30 minutes of summer"

Our summer fun is in full swing.

Ava is growing into a beauty with an attitude. Her vocabulary isn't as sophistocated as some of the things she tries to get across, which turns into some funny stories.

Archer is into everything, but he is leary of strangers right now. He isn't scared to try anything, he just likes mommy to hold his hand while he does it.

So far this summer: We've taken a vacation to St. Louis and Branson, Missouri. We have been on a camping trip to Tannehill State Park. We went rafting on the Hiwassee River in Tennessee. We took a day-trip to Alabama Adventure. Ava and Archer attended Vacation Bible School at our church. We've also been going to the local library for their weekly shows. And countless other things to keep us busy...not to mention working full-time!

I love doing things for the kids and with my family, but sometimes...just sometimes, it seems like I'm doing all this work for maybe 30 minutes of actual enjoyment. Does that make any sense? Like, I'm the one who can't just sit around and let things not get done. Its my own fault that I miss some of those enjoyable moments, because I'm the one packing the picnic, lathering somebody with sunblock, hanging the wet beach towels up to dry, gathering the garbage out of the van, etc. You get my drift?

But, those 30 minutes...

make it all worth it!