Friday, January 29, 2010

"Pink and Red Hearts"

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I've never been the type to get depressed around this day, even after my divorce or when I've celebrated alone. I guess Valentine's Day isn't about a significant other to me, its just about being around and celebrating the people I love.

I always loved picking out Valentine cards and passing them out to friends growing up. It was always fun to come home and empty my box full of cards from classmates. My mom always got us something special for Valentine's Day too. I fondly remember my first Valentine gift from a boy...I was 15, and Ava's daddy got me a bouquet of pink carnations and a little birthstone ring. I couldn't have been happier! Ironically, that is the only Valentine gift I remember from a boy.

I love that this holiday celebrates L.O.V.E. Even after the heartache I felt from my divorce I still believe in love and think maybe one day I will feel like that again. I don't think I will ever love that exact way again, because I think being hurt like that broke a big piece of my heart. I still believe in love, because I know I truly loved. Eventhough he changed his mind about us and our life together doesn't mean that my feelings weren't real and true.

I hope I can show Ava and Archer what love really is, and why it is worth it to sometimes take a leap of faith. I loved being married, it is the ultimate partnership. But it goes both ways, and sometimes you can't control someone else's decisions.

With the approaching holiday, I plan to celebrate with 2 sweet babes who love me beyond belief, and I feel the exact same way! We will be giving hugs and kisses and smooches all around...don't be too jealous!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"4 day weekend"

My mom was there with me all day on Friday to help!
Sorry Mom!

Last Thursday when I got off of work, I was so excited about my long weekend and the possibility it held! I get long weekends a lot(because of my 3 day work week), but I just needed this one.

So, got up Friday morning ready to work...and work I did! After getting Ava off to preschool, I got started with the cleaning up/cleaning out project at hand. Our Christmas goodies were still all sitting in plastic tubs in the playroom, because I just didn't know where to put them all!

Another change we are going through right now with toys is Big Kid versus Baby. Ava is old enough for toys that include small objects, not to mention her extensive jewelry collection and her random collection of small things she merits "treasures". Archer on the other hand is crawling everywhere and putting everything in his mouth! How can I keep both of these kids happy and safe?

I gutted the playroom and put everything except BIG furniture items outside! I even emptied out Ava's little room. Guess what, this didn't give me the opportunity to quit after I got started! Not that I wanted to, yes I felt overworked at the end of the day, but something about getting everything organized and in its place makes me feel good!

I took a load of stuff to the dump, a load to my storage unit, and a load to donate! Spring cleaning came early to my house! At the end of the night, I had almost, almost everything where I wanted it.

Each toy has home now. If that toy doesn't make it back to its home at night, then it may not be there when Ava goes looking for it again. Ava keeps freaking out because she thinks I'm going to get rid of her stuff. She is doing such a better job picking up her toys. I am so proud of her, and I am so ready to stop battling her about picking up after herself!

I like to at least get to lay in the bed until 8AM on Saturday mornings. We may all 3 be awake and piled up in the bed together watching cartoons, but I just like to keep the day from starting until 8. Well, not this Saturday...

Archer woke me up at 6AM, I let him lay in his bed talking and playing until 6:45. At which time, I thought I would put him in his swing and let him enjoy some Yo Gabba Gabba while I got back in the bed for awhile longer. I was switching on the swing and backing away when here comes Ava out of our room! So, my Saturday lounge wasn't going to happen!

So, I got up and in the shower while the kids were watching cartoons. I just had that "gotta get out of the house" feeling. It was a cold and windy day, but we had to get out! By 9 o'clock I was on the road with Ava, Huett, and Sam going to pick up Hannah and Amy Beth! Talk about impromptu! I was stir-crazy, and the kids were my victims!

We went to the park, and they played for about 30 minutes until the big girls were ready to go.

While at the park, I get a call from Ava's daddy that her cousin's birthday party is today, at 12 o'clock...its 11 o'clock NOW! Anyway, it worked out and she got there in time and ended up staying with her daddy until Monday morning.

I took the rest of my crew to Stix for lunch. We looked really cool cruising around in my dad's 12 passenger van. The kids ate so much I thought they were going to have to vomit! It was some great food as usual.

That afternoon, it was just me and Archer for an afternoon nap. My friend Lori came over that night and we just played with Archer and watched some television.

I woke up in a funk, and didn't want to get ready for church. I am just out of wack when Ava is away. Things just don't quite click when she is gone for the weekend. Me and Archer woke up at 7, and we were back in the bed by 9 o'clock that morning. He slept for almost 3 hours! I ended up waking him up, and then we went over to Michelle's for lunch. We spent the afternoon playing.

I ended up keeping Charlie today, so I didn't do much except take care of the babies. Ava came home this morning, and I let her stay home because I missed her so much over the weekend! So, I have my kids both back home and everything feels right with the world!

I returned back to work on Tuesday, refreshed and rested!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Dress-Up Diva"

Oh the innocent imagination of a child!
From her crown, all the way down to her fancy shoes.

After yelling for me to make an
announcement that she was entering the room,
she pranced in like this!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Broadway Across America"

Tonight, I am heading to the theatre. I am taking Ava, and my sister and her two older boys are going with us. This will be the first musical for the kids. Its been 10 years since I've seen a broadway show, but I'm not going to let that happen again. Has it really been 10 years since I saw Chicago? It doesn't seem that long ago, but I know it was. Anyway, can't wait to get back and give you my review on the show! I can't wait to see how Ava reacts to the musical numbers! I think she is going to love it all.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Good Times"

It's already the middle of January!
It's already the middle of January!

The holidays went by so fast, and now I miss all the family gatherings.
This is a group shot of our family at my Granny's house.
Ava playing with her new pony's in their castle.
Charlie and Archer napped for maybe 15 minutes,
and then this is how we found them!
We had my Dad's family over since we've outgrown my NaNa's house.
Another shot from Granny's.
Silly girls...
Ava fell asleep in the afternoon.
I can always count on her to take an afternoon nap!

Teagan and Mom

Some of NaNa's family

Ava helping Archer, aren't they just the sweetest!
I'm glad things have slowed down, but I am just missing all of the Christmas festivities! There is such a long break between Christmas and Easter. But, guess what? Easter will be here before we know it!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I am very glad to report that things are warming up a bit in Alabama. Back to the 50's and 60's, so that the kids can get back out and play! We are getting stir-crazy around here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"i heart faces"

the contest over at iheartfaces is titled "best face photo".
these two cuties are both attending their first parties.

I like to call this shot, "Talk to the Hand".

"Sam's 3rd Birthday Party"

Sam turned 3 on December 29. We celebrated his birthday on January 2nd at Froggy's. Froggy's is a place full of inflatables! Fun for all. They also have an area with arcade games. The kids and adults alike were bouncing, jumping, sliding, and playing around. You can tell from the pictures I've posted that everyone had a great time.

I chose to take Archer down the slide for his first time, and it was no easy feat climbing up the ladder holding a 20+ pound child. Once we made it to the top, we sat there for awhile to enjoy the view. Ava joined us at the top, but she didn't stick around and wait on us.

Ignore the horrid red-eye, this is before our decent.

Here we go!

And we safely landed at the bottom.

Ava and Huett

Ava towards the end of the playtime(you can tell by her pigtails)!

Mikey, Charlie, and Tiffany

Boo and Drew

Henley having a little slide-time fun (look at her hair)!

Huett and Mikey...Mikey played so hard with the kids that he was a sweaty mess by the end of the party!

Brinley mixing it up a little...head first on her stomach!

Hannah and Amy Beth

Me and Archer

Amy Beth and Drew

Archer checking out Alex...he thought, "Did I do that?"

Archer and Mikey's Aunt Erica, who we all call Boo.
Archer just loved feeling of her fur coat.

Archer and Aunt Chelle.
Another one of Mikey's aunts that we treat as one of our own!

Harper, just here to look cute!

Maddie Rae, looking cute as ever.

What a face, and check out those bottom teeth!
In total, babies, kids, and adults there were 50 people at Sam's party! The frigid weather we were having didn't keep anyone away from celebrating with Sam.
Happy Birthday
Sam "the Hambone" Hill

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Another Snowy Let Down"

I've posted about it love of snow! In Alabama, snow is always random and rare. As a child, it seems like we always got at least one snowfall a year that produce a few inches of snow for us to play in. As I've grown up, it seems like we may go 2-3 years without any snow accumulation! What a bummer!

Last week, we were forecasted to get a couple of inches of snow to go along with this arctic freeze that has swept through the country. I was pumped...conditions were great! If the snow started to fall, it should stick for sure. I had been burned before by the weather, but "always an optimist".

Anyway, that morning I went to Wal-mart and bought us a fire pit to keep us warm while we were playing outside. I thought how perfect would it be to get a fire going, and then when the kids got super cold they could just warm up for a little while without having to go inside every 10 minutes.

Well, you see those snowflakes on my black sweatshirt...
thats about all the snow we got! We did have some beautiful snow flurries. When the snow started to fall, we got the 3 big kids all bundled up for some fun outside. I went ahead and got the firepit going...
We roasted some marshmallows and drank hot cocoa.
Ava didn't like the smell of her marshmallow.
Catching a few snowflakes...
I think Sam just wanted to stick his tongue out at me.
I know you can't tell from the pictures, but the snow really was falling down beautifully, it just wasn't enough to last. We just look like a bunch of people who like to hang out around a firepit in below freezing temperatures. I guess we could call this Extreme Snacking!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"9 months old already!"

A few facts about Archer's 9 month self:

He loves to play with his toys.
He can pull himself up onto his knees.
He runs in his walker and knows how to avoid obstacles.

He knows how to get to what he wants.
He can almost crawl.
He can push himself into a sitting position from his belly. He has 4 teeth...2 on bottom and 2 on top!
He weights about 22-24 pounds.

He loves to eat everything I let him have.
He can pick up snacks and put them in his mouth.
He likes to hold a 4oz. bottle and feed himself.

I can't believe he is growing so fast. I am so lucky to have been blessed with such a sweet baby boy. He is so laid back and easy going. He lights up when his big sister comes around. His blue eyes just draw you in! You can't help but love him up.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for this special little guy!