Friday, January 29, 2010

"Pink and Red Hearts"

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I've never been the type to get depressed around this day, even after my divorce or when I've celebrated alone. I guess Valentine's Day isn't about a significant other to me, its just about being around and celebrating the people I love.

I always loved picking out Valentine cards and passing them out to friends growing up. It was always fun to come home and empty my box full of cards from classmates. My mom always got us something special for Valentine's Day too. I fondly remember my first Valentine gift from a boy...I was 15, and Ava's daddy got me a bouquet of pink carnations and a little birthstone ring. I couldn't have been happier! Ironically, that is the only Valentine gift I remember from a boy.

I love that this holiday celebrates L.O.V.E. Even after the heartache I felt from my divorce I still believe in love and think maybe one day I will feel like that again. I don't think I will ever love that exact way again, because I think being hurt like that broke a big piece of my heart. I still believe in love, because I know I truly loved. Eventhough he changed his mind about us and our life together doesn't mean that my feelings weren't real and true.

I hope I can show Ava and Archer what love really is, and why it is worth it to sometimes take a leap of faith. I loved being married, it is the ultimate partnership. But it goes both ways, and sometimes you can't control someone else's decisions.

With the approaching holiday, I plan to celebrate with 2 sweet babes who love me beyond belief, and I feel the exact same way! We will be giving hugs and kisses and smooches all around...don't be too jealous!


  1. don't get all their smouches! Save some for grangran who loves you all three more than words can say!!

  2. Awe, I'm so sorry :( I will tell you, even though I DO have a significant other and love him with allll my heart and DO love Valentines gifts from him... I honestly loathe in the Valentines cards the boys bring home from school and every year we make Valentines boxes for school (out of shoe boxes). It's so fun! This year we made Carsen's out of a Valentines gift bag from last year. We cut it open and wrapped the box in it and then wrote inside the hearts with glitter pens. It brings back so many memories from my own school days. Oh how fun it was being "little". I am ready for Valentines Day at school! I can't wait to see what "I" get! :) PS You'll find a "Love" again.

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