Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Good Times"

It's already the middle of January!
It's already the middle of January!

The holidays went by so fast, and now I miss all the family gatherings.
This is a group shot of our family at my Granny's house.
Ava playing with her new pony's in their castle.
Charlie and Archer napped for maybe 15 minutes,
and then this is how we found them!
We had my Dad's family over since we've outgrown my NaNa's house.
Another shot from Granny's.
Silly girls...
Ava fell asleep in the afternoon.
I can always count on her to take an afternoon nap!

Teagan and Mom

Some of NaNa's family

Ava helping Archer, aren't they just the sweetest!
I'm glad things have slowed down, but I am just missing all of the Christmas festivities! There is such a long break between Christmas and Easter. But, guess what? Easter will be here before we know it!

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