Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Disney on Ice"

Disney on Ice started advertising way back in July for their show coming to Birmingham, November 4-8. It looked like it was going to be a fun show. Instead of just featuring a certain movie, they were celebrating 100 years of Disney. With songs and characters from 18 different Disney movies. Some of the movies came out while I was growing up!

I haven't ever been to see a Disney on Ice production and neither has Ava. Me and my sister, Tiffany decided we would take the kids this time. We were going to go on opening day, but Tiff's husband Mikey wanted to go with us. We went to the Friday show that started at 10:30. We left Charlie at home with my mom, but decided to take Archer with us, because let's face it...he is the BEST baby ever!
Huett and Ava loading up in the Durango.

Sam cheesing it up for the camera!
Archer getting ready to catch a few ZZZ's on the ride.

Being the frugal folks that we are, we opted to buy our tickets once we arrived instead of buying online. We saved approximately $8 a ticket. We couldn't get the six seats we wanted on the same row, but they gave us 4 together on one row and 2 together behind them. After we got our tickets in hand, it was no problem getting into the show.

Waiting patiently for tickets.

See how our seats were back to back.

I also decided to bring Archer's umbrella stroller down.
I put him beside me in the aisle,
and he liked watching the show like a big boy!

After we all got seated and situated, it was time to go pick out the souveneir of choice for each kid. Mikey took the boys one at a time, and then when they got back I took Ava. I was expecting the same amount of merchandise as I had seen at the circus, but it wasn't like that. I was actually a little disappointed. If I was going to spend $20 on something, I want to have a lot to choose from. Ava wanted this plastic shiny horse, that I couldn't place with any Disney movie. I tried to get her to pick out one of my favorites, Mickey or Minnie Mouse, but she kept coming back to the same horse. We got the stinkin' horse, and then she got to pick out her shaved ice. That's right, we were some of the suckers that bought the shaved ice in the "souveneir mug" for $10 a pop!
They also had booths set up with Disney characters that you could have your picture taken with, but only if you bought their printed out picture for...wait for it...$16! I chose to have Ava squat by the sign under one of the booths. She thought I was crazy, but I think it turned out to be a cute picture.
Archer getting ready for the show to start.
What a handsome boy in his polo sweater...
7 months going on 27 years.

Ava captivated by the show,
styling in her princess crown
that she insisted on wearing to the show.

Aunt Tiff and Archer

Ava took this picture of me wearing her crown.

Sam loving on Archer.
I think these two are going
to end up being the bestest of friends!

Huett eating on his snow cone.
He stayed in his seat for the entire show.

Sam hugging on Mikey from the row behind...
see how great it worked out!

Archer just hanging with the big guys.

Toy Story starring
Buzz and Woody

Beauty and the Beast

My favorite,
Finding Nemo.

Huett kept asking, "Where are the Incredibles?"
They were very close to the end, but they did a cute bit.

The farewell song.
Everyone came back out to the stage!
I think I am going to put this on my calendar for next year!


  1. i am glad I could finally grace the pages of you blog...

  2. I know you all had a great time as I did watching Charlie! He was so good! Next year I think I should be able to go and see some of the action with my special grandbabies!! I guess I should not call them all grandbabies no more-now that some are 4 years old! But they are still my babies!!

  3. The pictures are precious! I think I may be jealous that I didn't get to go to disney on ice.

  4. I love the pictures wish i could have went!!

  5. First time visitor...

    I have been to many Disney on Ice productions... and not because of my daughter! I love **everything** Disney, and have had my hubby take me as a birthday gift on several occasions!

    It looks like your kids (particularly your daughter!) had a great time!