Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Yard Sale Finds"

How much do you love my new bed covers!
They are Tommy Hilfiger, and I got them for a low $40!

I was in my room Saturday, placing my "new to me" bedskirt, bedspread, pillow shams, and throw pillows on my bed when I realized that almost everything in my room is borrowed, or bought second-hand. I love being surrounded by my great finds. There is nothing better than finding something on sale or priced really well at a yard sale!

Right now, my bedroom is also Archer's room. This is his changing table/shelving unit...I borrowed this from my sister. All of his bedding and such are in blues, tans, and browns.

I am a sucker for a great quilt!
Truth be told, all quilts are great...especially if they are worn out!
Both of these quilts I bought at separate yard sales for $9 dollars each.
See this leather BarcoLounger recliner?
Try to control yourself when I tell you I found it for a low $20!
GASP! I am sad that yard sale season has come to an end,
but don't worry I will be ready for business next year!

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  1. WE will be back in business next year! We need to plan a little better next yard sale season!! Love going with you and Tiffany and Jenny(when she can) to yard sales to see what we can find for the little ones and ourselves(of course)!