Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Teagan's Birthday Party"

My niece Teagan's 2nd Birthday Party
was this past weekend at Gymboree.
You can tell by the pictures I've posted,
We had a bLaSt!
Teagan just waiting for them to open the gate.

Archer all wide eyed.
He is only 7 months,
but he enjoyed it just as much as everyone else!

Tiff and Charlie
Uncle Chad and Archer
Mikey and Charlie
Mom, frazzeled from chasing kids around(as always)!
Birthday Girl!
Ava in the "garbage can",
as the kids liked to call it!
Chad bouncing Teagan on the BIG ball.
Sam and Huett wrestling with PawPaw, my dad.
Me and Archer

Huett on the monkey bars.
Sam crawling through a tunnel.
Huett walking on the balance beam.
During "mat time" they blew bubbles,
played under the parachute,
played games,
and sung Happy Birthday to Teagan.

Teagan blowing out her birthday candle.
Archer's first party to attend...
he thoroughly enjoyed himself,
as we all did!

Charlie's first party to attend too.

Archer told Charlie to
"Talk to the hand, we are outta here!"


  1. Well we all did have a great time, and could you maybe have found a little different picture of me! I look really really fraziled!!!!! but I guess I was really really fraziled!!!!! Wouldn't have it anyother way!!

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast! Love the name Teagan, Happy Birthday!!

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