Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Halloween Saturday Night"

My Halloween could not have been any better. I love that Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. We enjoyed the holiday all weekend. On Friday I was able to take Ava to her Halloween Party at preschool. That night, I took Ava and Archer to a "Hallelujah Hayride" through the woods. The hayride lasted about 45 minutes. It was a great night for it too, just cool enough that we needed coats, but not cold enough for gloves. Archer had so much fun that he just fell asleep about half-way through. Ava got to ride a horse, jump in a Moon-Walk, fingerpaint a horse, and play games. Thats right, I said fingerpaint a horse. There was a lady who asked Ava what she wanted to paint on the white horse, and then she helped her paint it with her fingers...Ava chose to paint a blue smiley face. Cool idea I thought.

On Halloween, we spent the day setting up our trick or treat tent at my mom's. We decorated with lights, pumpkins, and candles. The kids were really excited about passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. After that, we coaxed the kids into taking a nap so that they would have energy for trick or treating.

That night we went to our church's Trunk or Treat Harvest Festival. People decorated their car trunks and passed out candy. We rode on the hayride and ate chili. The preacher said Sunday that they estimated at least 1000 people visited our church for the event.

We finished up our night at my mom and dad's home. My sister had some apple cider brewing and we sipped it as we passed out candy. Ava kept screaming, "Here come some more customers." We had to keep telling Huett, Ava, and Sam to let the customers come to them. They wanted to run to meet every kid that came up. If it was up to them, they would have provided curb-side service, drive-thru trick or treating.

Everything about the night was great. Ava is old enough now to start making memories that she will cherish for a lifetime, and I'm trying to make sure they are good ones. When you get to celebrate with family and friends, you can't ask for much else!

This is our Wizard of Oz family.
Ava as Dorothy,
Archer as the Scarecrow,
and me as the Wicked Witch of the West
without the green face paint.

Ava as she quotes,
"There's no place like home"
and clicks her heels 3 times.

Ava and Archer.
Ava said that Archer was the cutest
scarecrow in the whole wide world!

Look at that sweet grin!
It doesn't get any better than that.

The bluest eyes in Oz...

Ava wanted Archer to check out her ruby slippers.

Huett as a wizard.
Check out his magic wand...
I got that off a tree for him!
He loved it.

Sam our little cowboy.

Huett on the hayride.

Ava and me on the hayride.

Me and Mom on the hayride.

Mikey dressed up as an outlaw.


  1. oh my.....all the kids are so stinking cute! I just love that their are other families that love each as much as our family does. It looks like ya'll always have so much fun too. And yes....those have got to be the bluest eyes in Oz.

  2. Great time had by GranGran and PawPaw as well!!!! And you need to get a picture of Teagan on here to make it complete!! Tell Jenny to send you one or two and add it to your blog!! Love you

  3. I don't know if anyone noticed it, but Mikey's outfit was re-dick...Tracy Murphy said that she didn't recognize Mikey and she thought to herself what kinda riff-raff has come to our trunk-or-treat...I told her that if she had any doubts, his porn-stache confirmed it...I am still having nightmares from waking up next to that...btw we don't have a single picture of Charlie-bear...pitiful.

  4. Ok seriously?! Could your kids be any cuter???? Glad they had such a great Halloween.

    Love the new layout btw!

  5. We didn't get any of Charlie in his outfit? I can't believe that. We have got to do better!!