Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Phote Frustration"

I borrowed my sister's camera,
I got my props together,
I timed the shoot at the best time for Archer,
and these are the pictures I took.
My favorite,
even though you can't see his beautiful blue eyes.

This one made it onto the Christmas card. I cropped this one, and it turned out cute
for his "first christmas" pictures.

Archer was my first subject for the day.
When Ava got home later I tried to get my pictures of them together.
I was so frustrated and stressed by the time we got done,
I'm surprised I even got any worth mentioning!
Got a lot of pictures like this...
which are cute to me, but not christmas card worthy.

I also took some snapshots of Charlie while
I was babysitting him that day.
He enjoyed having his picture taken,
and he cooperated nicely.

Look at that sweet face, and that cute bum!
In retrospect,
I will either have to take something for anxiety
before my next photoshoot
or just pay the professionals.
Who am I kidding,
I am just going to have to keep practicing
until I get better at it...
I'm not one to throw in the towel after
one bad day with a camera around my neck.
Eventhough, that day it felt more like a noose!


  1. your kids are so cute! i can't wait to see your christmas card too :)

    you have a lovely blog!

  2. soooo cute though! do you think they could be any cuter??? i would edit these for you...if you want. and if i lived close i would take the shots too! but i think you did great!

  3. I chose to go out in the yard to take the girls pics i'm sure the neighbors think i'm crazy!! It's exhausting trying to take pics of 2 kids!