Monday, December 14, 2009

"Turned 30...

...and lived to blog about it"

For my birthday outing, I planned a night out with girl friends. My kind of celebrating has changed a bit over the years, maybe with the maturity that comes with the big 3-0? I don't know why, but I wasn't interested in having a big bash with bunches of people or going out to a bar to dance the night away...been there done that! This year, I was most interest in getting together with the handful of friends that I call my "best friends". I know I am fortunate to have so many...most people say you are lucky to have 1 "best friend", but I can honestly say that I can count on these girls for anything and everything!

We all met up at my house (minus Jenny) and after some debate about what was for dinner, ended up at Red Lobster. I'm not a seafood fan, but I knew they had some good chicken dishes and outstanding desserts! I ordered this nice little "bahama mama" to get the night started!

If you can't tell how much I'm enjoying it, then take a closer look!

Let's see that one more time!

Being the stickler for time that I am, we were the first guests to arrive at our next location...wait for it...Sip N Strokes! We went in, picked out the best seats in the house and then proceded over to the Publix to pick out our "sip" of choice! I'm not much of a wine drinker, but I like the idea of it. We picked out a nice Beringer after advice from Treva.

These pictures will give you an idea of what
the experience was like getting ready to paint.

Treva loosening up a bit to let her inner artist come out!

If you were wondering what someone had painted on my apron...

Me and Treva...we go way back. We met during our late highschool years when she dated my brother...THAT didn't last, but our friendship did! I guess we've been friends now going on 12 years. We didn't even attend the same highschool, and she is a year younger than me, but some people just stick! And, she isn't the kind of friend who I've lost touch with for months or years at a time. We've been together from the beginning, and I want to keep it that way! We have had all kinds of experiences...countless trips here and there, heartache, loss, weddings, births, divorce, and more together. She is happily married to her perfect match Matthew, and they have a sweet baby boy named Drew together. I would do anything for this girl, and she would say the same for me.
Love you Treva Nell, the "I" in my B-*-T-C-H.
Me and Lori...We met at church when she came to be our children's minister back in the day...2001 I think. We became fast friends at and away from church. Another one of those people I just clicked with. Not only are we still friends, but now we are co-workers. I graduated from nursing school in 2004, and Lori started school that year. Now, 5 years later we have been working together in the O.R. for 2 years! You never know how things are going to turn out or what to expect out of life!

Me and Michelle...We met about 5 years ago when my little sister Tiffany started dating her nephew Mikey. I'll give you a minute to wrap your head around that one! We have been hanging out ever since. Now, I feel like one of the family...always getting invited to bring the kids over when Michelle cooks for Tiff's family!

When her dad, "Popeye Bart" died last year, it felt like I had lost a grandfather too. He was always so sweet to Ava and treated her like one of his own grandkids. He has been truly missed, and I know Michelle misses him terribly. Friends stick by each other in the bad and the good times! Thats what being a friend is all about!
Me and Tiffany...

What can I say?
Best sister
in the state...
in the world...
in the universe...

I know, corny! But it is the truth. I was gone away to college for 1 year (a 50 minute drive), and I was so homesick I couldn't stand myself! I missed my family so much I moved back home after that and started nursing school with Tiffany. Can I say that I laughed more during those 2-3 years than I ever have....EVER! When I moved back, my parents were building a new home, so we were living in a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom rental house shared between 4 adults! We lived that way for over a year, and loved every minute of it. Now, we have 5 kids between us, and Mikey jokes that he didn't know when he married Tiffany that he would actually be marrying 2 women, one just without the benefits! It is special when you can be best friends with family! Now we are raising our kids together, and they are more like siblings than cousins.
Love ya Tiffany, the "T" in my B-I-*-C-H

Me and Jenny
...Jenny and my brother Chad married back in 2006. They dated for several years before that, we were so happy when she joined our family. We haven't always been super friends, just because they were living so far away and the demands of being a pharmacist keep her busy, but over the last few years, we have gotten a lot closer. Jenny doesn't have any sisters of her own, so me and Tiffany took her in as one of our own. It was a little harder for Jenny to just accept us as family because she never had any sisters...and we come on a little strong sometimes! I am so glad to have Jenny in my life, and call her my sister-in-law! She also gave me the cutest niece ever with another one due any day now! Thanks for putting up with my crazy brother and family!

She is carrying baby Taiden in there...ready to pop!

Getting my paint on...a masterpiece in the making!

The finished products.

If you couldn't tell by this post, I had a great time! Just the way I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me ladies, and I can't wait to grow old with all of you... at least 60 more years like the 30 I've had!


  1. Well it does look like you all had a great time! Next time maybe this old woman can join the fun!!!! Love you bunches!

  2. Right GranGran!! You and I will go next time. Love the pictures!!

  3. FUN times!! :) I am so happy to be accepted into sisterhood with you crazy gals ;P I told chad a long time ago that i am alot like one of those quirky stray cats about trusting/depending on others... you just cant take it personally. I have had so much fun since i met you guys! OH AND in that picture, i do really look like im going to pop... for real... :)
    i hope you had a great 30th!