Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Thursday 13"

This is just one of those fun things to do to waste some time.

1. Tantalizing: watching "LL Cool J" lick his lips again and again on NCIS:Los Angeles

2. Talking: to Ava when she is in one of her imaginary moods

3. Target: shopping the clearance stuff and finding the best deal ever!

4. Tattoo: not for me, but SEXY on some guys

5. Tears: welled up in my eyes last night while packing the last few things out of Ava's room.

6. Telephone: not very fond of talking on it, and hate it when I see someone using a bluetooth.

7. Teenager: can't believe its been 10 years since I was one

8. Texas: never been, but I love me some cowboys (not the team, the kind on a horse)

9. Traffic: makes me so frustrated, and I'm glad I'm not in it often

10. Tired: the way I feel after a 12 hour shift or a day of cleaning house

11. Twitter: can't get into it, and don't care to know what everyone else is doing every second of the day.

12. Thoughtful: I strive to be...

13. Tan: not worried about it, and so glad that tanning beds are out!


  1. Oh Target love

    My Hubby has a few tattoos, so not something I would want, but I secretly love them on him.

  2. thanks for linking up!!!!!
    glad to have you playing along!
    great T's :)