Monday, December 7, 2009


My mom wanted some new stockings this year for her grandkids, so I helped her with making some very unique, very cute, very cRaZy stockings!

We had made things like pillows, purses, and even the bedding and accessories for Ava's nursery using crazy quilting. The idea is that you mix and match material, then embellish the design with anything you want! I guess thats the cRaZy part! We always have fun with it! This time, I got to do the fun part...I designed them and sewed the strips, then my mom added the ribbon, rick-rack, buttons, and patches. We did all of those steps in one day. Then, we monogrammed on the top pieces. The last step was putting them all together, and my mom went over to my Granny's house to let her help finish them up!

You can't really appreciate the 3-D effect the embellishments make in the pictures, but you get a good idea! So festive and just right for kids!

This is the finished project in my mom's living room.
She hung the stockings on a fire screen,
because my dad doesn't like the weighted stocking holders...
He is scared one of the kids will pull them onto their head!


  1. Yes these are tooooo cute! We will have to think of something else to do that is crazy quilting! Thanks for all your help on these!