Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Thanksgiving in Review"

I was lucky enough to actually have 6 days off in a row surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday. This post is going to fill you in on why I was WAY too busy to blog, eventhough I would have loved to have a few minutes to sit down at the computer...that just didn't happen!

Wednesday: While Ava was at preschool attending her Indian and Pilgrim Thanksgiving Party, I took Archer with me to the hospital where I work for our ENT Thanksgiving lunch. My coworkers got to love on him and he got to try banana pudding for the first time! He loved it!

Thursday: While watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, we cooked a couple of items for our Thanksgiving lunch. I tried 2 new recipes:

The corn was runnier than I wanted it to be, but it tasted yummy! The cranberry salad had a great taste and texture to it, but with all of the other desserts to choose from, mine kept getting skipped over!

This is a family picture we took as soon as we all arrived! I knew we wouldn't all stay in one place for long!
We visited with my mom's side of the family that morning, my dad's side of the family for the afternoon, and then I went over with Tiffany and Mikey to his family's supper...busy much!

Friday: My mom, Archer, and I braved the crowds Friday morning for some "Black Friday Fun". We weren't out with the hard-care shoppers...we got out and about around 7 o'clock. Ava had went to her dad's the night before, so we only had Archer with us, and we all know he is always up for anything! The night before, we scoured the papers for the deals that we were looking for! We ended up finding almost everything we wanted.

That afternoon I worked on my Christmas decorations. Ava was excited when she got home from her dad's and found out that Hannah and Amy Beth were spending the night with us! I was surrounded by kids and christmas stuff!

Saturday: Woke up with kids here and there...Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE! I helped my mom with her decorating all day long! That night, one of my friends Lori came over and she had a nice visit with me and the kids.

Sunday: We went to watch Hannah and Amy Beth get baptized at their church for morning service. My NaNa went with me and the kids, but I was still very tired and stressed by the time we got done with church and going out to eat! Needless to say, we took a nap when we got home!

Monday: I am ashamed to say, I did not do one productive thing on Monday! Yes, the house could've used some attention, and the clothes needed washing...but I ignored all of that and caught up on some of my shows and played with Archer all day!
With Thanksgiving behind us, I am now looking forward to Christmas, but I hope we can spread the get togethers over a few days so we aren't so rushed from place to place!
I almost forgot to mention how thankful I am for everything the Lord has blessed me with! My heart is bursting with thanks for Ava, Archer, my family, friends, health, employment, housing, transportation, food, too many things to list! I am Blessed!

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  1. Yes we were a bit busy! But i guess that is what it is like since we have such a big family!