Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Valentine's Party"

Maybe if I was in some sort of relationship, I wouldn't have wanted to host a Valentine's Spend-the-Night Party for Ava and my two nephews Huett and Sam. But, I'm not and truth be told I got pretty excited about this little party. Archer was home too, but he went to bed pretty early that night, so he missed most of the fun.

Here's Ava in her shirt I made for her on my mom's machine, with her cute frilly skirt. Oh, did you notice the ladybug antennas? She added that herself.

This was Ava and Archer's little Valentine goodies.
Here is my Valentine decorations documented for the world to see...did I go overboard?

Disclaimer: The stuff made out of card stock didn't get put out until the afternoon before the party, but I kind of wish I had had them out all month. I didn't know I could get so crazy with cardstock, scissors, and some tape!

Some of our Valentine refreshments...

Last but not least, my personal favorite...

While the kids were winding down from their play time, we snacked on some popcorn.
Then, we pulled out the couch bed which led to jumping on the couch bed, and then jumping OFF the couch bed onto all of the pulled off cushions! They even played hide and seek under the couch bed. It was like their own little play-yard inside!
We watched Charlie Brown's Valentine and the Wonder Pets Save the Love-bugs. It was a lot of fun.
I don't know if I would put this much time and effort into doing fun things like this for the kids if I was in a relationship or married again. It feels good to make these kind of memories with them. So, my Valentine's Day wasn't filled with candle-light and roses...just night-lights and little people.


  1. That's my kind of party!! A Party with little people!! They are the most fun!!

  2. I'm married but honestly, I like celebrating with my daughter anyway - it is more fun ;)

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