Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"A-V-A craft"

Friday night, I couldn't sleep and I was feeling crafty. So, I remembered that I had bought these cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby back in the day to do something with. I gathered up some paint, and got busy.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, but you can't mess up with pink, green, and white polka dots. I know they are a little played out, but I still love polka dots.

That was how I left it Friday night. Sunday afternoon I finished the project by repeating the process on the other sides. I decided to place the letters on Ava's "turn-table wardrobe" thing I bought her at Target. Since her name is a palindrome, it worked out great. I used two-sided sticky tape to keep them in place. She thinks it is pretty "awesome"!

The Trendy Treehouse


  1. I love anything with letters and the polka dots are fabulous. Thanks for sharing over at Trendy Treehouse.


  2. Polka-dotty fun! They turned out great.

  3. How cute! You and Ava did a great job!!