Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Outnumbered at the Library"

Last week, me and my mom were feeling adventurous or cRaZy...the jury is still out. Since the kids were out of preschool on Monday for President's Day, we decided to take the kids to the library. My sister had to work, so we had my 2 and her 3. Thats right, we were outnumbered by 3...all 4 and under!

We got everyone up and dressed. Loaded up in my dad's 12 passenger van, and made our departure. We stopped at the gas station on the way for snacks. We weren't sure if the library would be open since it was a holiday, but they were.

The kids had a good time reading some books, playing dress-up, playing with the toys, and just exploring. My favorite quote of the day came from Huett. We had been at the library for probably 30 minutes when he looks up at my mom and says, "GranGran, when are we going to go to the library?"

Somehow in the excitement, he didn't realize we WERE at the library. Silly boy.

This is the only picture I managed to snap while we were there. I wish I had gotten more!

After, we went for lunch at Chick-fil-A which is usually the best place for us to go with the kids. We didn't think about all of the extra people being there because schools were out. There was too many kids in the play area to begin with, and then 3 teenage girls busted up in there like they had any business in the children's area! Some lady got onto them, but they just ignored her. My mom promptly got the kids out and to the table to eat. I thought they would put up more of a fight about not getting to play very long, but they don't like it when there are too many big people in there either.

We managed, but don't think we didn't get some looks like, you've got your hands full!

Our last stop was to...wait for it...Target! We just can't seem to go anywhere these days without making a stop at Target. I had Archer and Charlie in my buggy, and I was running out of room for stuff while I was shopping. Everytime I leave Target I feel like I'm becoming a hoarder, because I buy this stuff on sale thats priced great, but I'm not sure I have anywhere to put it right now! Oh well, I'm not that bad!

When we got back home, it was nap-time for my little bunch. I L.O.V.E my babies when they are napping peacefully! My kids play hard, and they sleep hard!


  1. It was a wild but great trip!!!!!And we managed to keep our sanity!!!

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    Happy Follow Friday!


  3. Sounds like you guys really did have your hands full! Glad you all had a great time...Target and Chick-fil-a sounds like a perfect trip to me!!