Monday, February 22, 2010

"Not Me Monday"

On Saturday, I didn't go with my mom to pick up her B.R.A.N.D. new babylock sewing/embroidery machine. We didn't spend all afternoon trying to figure it out, and we didn't ruin approximately 3 kid shirts and maybe 1 bib. Our crafting projects are always right on and turn out perfectly precise!

While my mom was busy at the sewing shop, I didn't take Ava and Archer to the nearby park where EVERYBODY and their mamas showed up to have some outside fun. I did not get sUpEr eXcItEd thinking about how great this spring and summer is going to be with Ava and Archer at these ages.

I didn't invite a couple of Ava's cousins, Mary and Grace, over for the afternoon so she would have some entertainment lined up so I could focus on our sewing endeavors. They didn't spend all afternoon playing in the backyard enjoying that great weather.

Archer did not break out in a rash that by bedtime had spread from head to toe. We weren't up all night with his crazy thrashing around and jerking. Our pediatrician's office was luckily open on Sunday morning for a few hours, so I was able to take him in to see the doctor. Just the blasted 'ol roseola virus. We missed church on Sunday because of Archer's rash, but we didn't waste the great weather. We all ate lunch at my mom's and spent the afternoon playing outside.

I didn't get my kids down for their nap, selfishly, because I needed some rest too after my miserable night with Archer! I use their nap time as a time to catch up on my motherly responsibilities; such as laundry, cleaning house, preparing meals, etc.

I didn't wait until Sunday night to finally get started straightening my house up. I wouldn't put that off for days, maybe even a house is always clean. You know my motto, "Everything in its place..."

I am NOT extremely lucky and blessed!

I am NOT in love with my two precious babes!


  1. I think I finally understand not me monday...that is so sweet!

  2. You so did do all those things that you said you did not!!! I saw it with my own eyes!!! Love you bunches-Mom

  3. Not Me! Monday's are the best. :)

    Still making rounds from Friday Follow!
    Can't wait to read more of your blog. :)