Friday, October 2, 2009

"Sweet Baby Canvas"

"Oh, NO!"
"I've been caught!"
"Quick someone hide this thing?"

"What this?"

"I know, the color looks great with my eyes."

"I didn't mean to get you in trouble with my Moms."

"Do you have one of these in RED?"

"But my big sister will be so proud!"

"No more laughing,
we've got to get this stuff off
before my mommy gets home from work."

This is what my mom found when she came back from cleaning up the kitchen. Archer found a BLUE, opened, Crayola marker sitting on the Exersaucer. I guess his big sister or one of his cousins left it there for him. He had a good ole' time before he was found out. I'm glad my mom had the good sense to snap some pictures for me before attempting to clean him up.

His little, chubby hands weren't letting go of that marker without a fight! I think there must be an artist's instinct inside of him just trying to get out! He is already a budding Picaso, just looking for a worthy canvas.


  1. Ambidextrous, too. Marker in left hand, right hand, left again... =)

  2. That's my little man! Sorry Mom! Will try and keep a better watch on him! You would have thought that all the grandkids were over when this happened but no just little Archer! He is a sweetie pie!!!!