Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Football Bonding"

It's football season, and as much as I like to dress-up as a big-time Alabama fan, the truth is I don't know much about it. We always deck out in our team colors and go to all the fun tail-gaiting parties, but it is just for the fun. The most I can tell you about the team is the name of their coach. Honestly, I don't even remember who won the big rival game last year between Alabama and Auburn.

I wonder what this is going to mean for Archer since he just has me to teach him about football and stuff. I guess I will leave the sports education to his Uncle Mikey. Last Saturday when they were suppose to be watching a big football game, this is what me and Tiffany found:

I guess they just got tuckered out. I know Mikey already has 3 boys of his own, but I think he can make a little more room for Archer too.

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