Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Chris Young, Unplugged"

I'm about to be 30 in December, and I'm kinda bummed about that. I can't put my finger on what actually bothers me about it the most, but I just know I don't like it. My dad always reminds me that its better than the alternative, and I have to agree with him .

Saying all of that, I want to show you how much fun an "almost 30" year old someone can have!

Chris Young is an up and coming Country Music singer who just had his first #1 hit with "Gettin' You Home". Back in 2006, he won Nashville Star. His recent success has been slow coming, but with his new album he is opening up for artists like Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw.

My brother-in-law Mikey, who just happens to be one of Chris Young's biggests fans, heard he was coming to Birmingham to do an unplugged show at a local bar to benefit the St. Jude's Foundation. Not only that, but the tickets were only $10! His new song that just went to #1 is called, "Gettin' You Home", but the chorus talks about when your black dress hits the floor. So, this upclose and personal showing turned into a Little Black Dress Party.

Back to Mikey, to help you understand his devotion to Chris Young, you would have to know that he has been to numerous shows, is a card carrying member of his fan club, and still has the episodes of Nashville Star from back in 2006 saved on his DVR! I know, he has almost crossed the line!

Mikey told us the car was leaving at 4 o'clock. You know we had to leave in plenty of time to make sure we didn't get held up in traffic, and we had to get a good place in front of the stage. Tiff, Mikey, Me, Bob, Chad, and Nick rode together in the Durango.

Bob, Nick, and Me

Tiffany(my little sister)
Chad (my little brother)

When we arrived at Cafe Firenze, you could feel the excitement in the air! The ladies had shown up in full force in their little black dresses and their black heels. I would just like to say that I spiced it up a bit by wearing a printed black dress with tights, and cute wedges! Maybe I wanted Chris to notice me from the stage, but I would never put that in my post!

Nichole, Tiffany, and Me
waiting with ticket in hand!

Bradley and Tara
Mikey and Tiffany
See that rambunctious crowd behind us? Once Chris Young hit the stage, the girls were coming out of nowhere trying to reach the front of the stage. Remember, we had been there since around 5:30...he didn't play until 7:30. Well, I don't know what it was about the atmosphere, but our little group of girls got really territorial about our spot in front of the stage. You would have thought we were trying to reach a pot of gold! I blocked people, looked them right in the eye, and said "You aren't coming through here!" I don't know what got into me. This timid, mom of 2 was ready to kick some ass and take some names! The funny thing is, the other groups of girls probably had to line up babysitters just like we did! You would have thought the guys with us would have stood up for us, but they were whining for the OTHER girls trying to just let them through! We weren't having that!

Katy and Me
Me, Nick, and Katy

This guy is the morning host
of our local radio station, "Dollar Bill".
I thought we wouldn't find anyone as excited as Mikey,
but I was WRONG!
The man himself, Chris Young.
Look at this motley crew!
We all survived the concert, and we had a BLAST!

On the way to the car,
Chad and Mikey decided to get their
crowd surfing fix out by jumping into the hedges!

Enough said...

We left the bar around 11:30, and I was ready to just get home and go to bed! But you know, theres always that one person who wants to keep the night going! Well it was Katy, and it didn't take her much convincing to get everyone to jump on board. So, everyone was telling me I was such a party-pooper, and that I needed to suck it up, so I did. We went to a bar called, "The Black Market" for late night food. Can I just say that the cuisine was delicious! We aren't talking about burgers and fries, we had Pork Quesadillas, Egg Rolls, and Chicken Salad with Pita chips. I think the next picture speaks for itself!

If there are more fun times in my future like I had that night, then I guess maybe turning 30 won't be so bad after all!

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  1. Just look at what you have at 30---Ava and Archer! Now that should make you quit whining about turning 30! Enjoy life and most of all enjoy your babies!!!!