Thursday, October 15, 2009

"It's Not All About the Roller Coasters"

Let me just start off by saying, "I Love Six Flags!" As a kid, I can't even guess how many times we ventured to Six Flags with family, friends, or on church trips. Its close enough to go in one day, but it still feels like you've gone on a trip. When we were kids, I remember my dad's rule about Six get to pick 5 rides to skip out on...everything else you RIDE! This may not seem like such a big deal now, but then it was torture. Six Flags is known for their numerous intense, dare-devil rides. I would load the roller coasters with my dad by my side, and I would be in full blown tears. I'm not really sure if this disciplining tactic had any long-term ramifications, but now I still love Six Flags and I love to ride it all. Maybe my dad knew what he was doing after all.

I have been gearing up for a trip to Six Flags this Fall all year. I am the planner in the family, so I've been trying to throw this onto our social calendar all summer...if you've been following my blog, then you know we have had a busy year! I had finally just put my foot down and said, "Even if no one else goes, then I will just take Ava by myself." My dad was working that Sunday, so my mom decided she would go with us and we would take Archer too. I was getting excited! I told Tiffany about our plans, and she talked about it with Mikey. They decided Mikey would stay home and take care of Charlie and Tiffany would accompany us to Six Flags with Huett and Sam. My trip was really coming together!

We finally got on the road about 9 o'clock (I know, kind of a late start). We took Tiffany's car, and we all fit comfortably. We stopped on the way to buy some child harnesses and these nice neck pillows that the kids thought were funnier as hats.
Our youngest adventurer, Archer...all of 6 months old!
This picture wasn't taken the day of our trip, but I wanted to use it as an example of our method of transportation for the children. We also had an umbrella stroller with us. So, if we had a need for it, all the kids could ride. Let me just tell you, it is no small feat pushing this stroller with a load of 100 pounds around, but a mommy's gotta do what a mommy's gotta do!
We arrived at Six Flags around 12 o'clock. You would think after paying $15 to park, we would practically be on the curb beside the gate, but that wasn't the case...we had to make a little trek to get there, and we couldn't ride the trolly because we had the above mentioned stroller! We already bought our tickets online, so there was no waiting at the gate once we got there. The kids were so excited because they could see 2 or 3 of the roller coasters on the way in.

We went in the gate and took a right to the restrooms, changed the kids into their cooler outfits, and harnessed them up. Like I mentioned before, I've had my aversion to the leashing of the children, but we were out-numbered! Yes, I did look like I was walking a pack of dogs when I had all 3 of them, but it was essential to our trip. I didn't want to be searching Six Flags for a lost kid!

Our first ride of the day was the train.

We loaded the stroller on the back of the train so we all got to ride together!

Aren't we just having the best time ever!

Tiffany and the boys

Sam didn't like the LOUD toot of the train,
Huett waved at everyone we passed, non-stop!

Archer didn't like the LOUD tooting either.

Look at the pout...
Getting some lovin' from Archer, he got a lot of that through out the day.

See the peek of a woman in the right side of this picture?
That is my mom, also known as, Gran Gran.
This is the only picture we got of her, and it isn't much...
Archer being attacked again for some sugar!

Look at those sweet, brown-eyed babes.

Ava, Me, and Archer

After we road the train round-trip, we walked on. The next stop for us was the "Mine Cars". Ava wanted to ride and I remember loving this ride as a kid, so we waited in line. Ava was never nervous or frightened. She is so brave and ready to try anything. I guess she wouldn't have minded the "everything but 5" rule. It got a little rough toward the end, and she bumped her head some on the "mine car". She told me she liked it, but she didn't want to ride it again. We headed over to Bugs Bunny World. There were several rides just for kids in this area.

Ava had to ride the flying boats by herself, but she still enjoyed it,
eventhough you can't tell by her face.

Sam and Huett getting buckled in.

Sam waiting to ride the Ferris Wheel.
Huett waiting his turn.
And, taking a needed break.

Can we get one of these cages at home?
I think that would make a great place for "time outs"!

Waiting to ride the Convoy Grande.

I fed Archer while we were in Bugs Bunny World,
and this is what he did the rest of our time there.

We decided to get some lunch next. Everyone needed a break, and we were all getting hungry. Tiff bought this refillable, 48oz, plastic drink jug that we refilled probably 10 times during the day. We had chicken fingers and fries for lunch, but they weren't very good. We let the kids run around the eating area a little off their leashes! Once we got moving again, they got their second wind and we were back in business. They all usually still take a nap after lunch, but not this day!
The next stop was the ride formally known as "Monster Plantation", but the name was changed when they revamped it this season. Now it is called "Monster House". All the same characters, just cleaned up a bit. The end was a little dark and scary, but Ava and Archer weren't scared.

Here we are on our way out of the Monster House.

I had to put Archer down in the seat so he could ride along,
but once we got inside I picked him up and held him.

My favorite ride of the day was the "Log Jamboree", we just call it the log ride. Me and Ava rode together, and it was just so much fun...its always been one of my favorites! Thank goodness, we didn't get too wet, just splashed a little.
The last section of the park we went to with kid rides was the Carousel. I know you probably think, "Oh how sweet, the carousel...children smiling, families laughing, babies giggling, and so on. But would you ever think maybe a little porn? Check out the artwork on the outside of this carousel seat...I posed beside it trying not to draw anymore attention to this soft porn love scene!

Ava on her choice of horse.

Huett waving yet again.

"Sam the Ham-Bone Hill" hamming it up for the camera as usual.

Archer doing a little more napping.

Thats it! Our trip in a nutshell. Some people would think we were the ones who were nuts taking 3 preschoolers and a mere babe to Six Flags, but we had a lot of fun and made some memories too. The kids slept on the way home. Ava was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot, and the boys weren't too far behind. I might have even gotten a little sleep in on the way home.
So, to conclude. No we did not ride any roller coasters or thrill rides, but it didn't matter. We laughed, played, and enjoyed each others company all day long!


  1. Wow. The artwork was pretty... mature. Looks like you had a good time!

  2. Great pictures.. i know you all had a good time!I am going next time!! Mamaw

  3. yeay!! fun trip! Maybe next time we can join you guys :)

  4. I love it! Ya'll look like you had such a great time! I plan on hitting up six flags in the spring.