Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Ava's Birthday Carnival!"

After much planning and anticipation, Saturday finally arrived. I had picked up the popcorn machine, talked with the moon-walk guy, bought the refreshments, picked out decorations, ordered the cake, and almost everything else that you could think of. We knew we were looking at a lot of rain in the forecast, but we were thinking if it stopped around 4 o'clock like the forecast said, we would be okay.

As my mom and I were heading back home from picking up the tables and chairs for the party, we had to be detoured around a downed power-line...thats right, we had lost power! This was about 2 o'clock, and the party begins at 5 o'clock. So, we start brainstorming there any possible way it could be back on by party-time, where could we move the party, what exactly would my brother's generator power, and on and on?

My brother-in-law works for Alabama Power, he got on the phone to see what he could find out. The "official people" were saying we should have power back on by 5:30, but his connections said 4:30. We all agreed we should just stay put as planned, and hope for the best...(and my brother, Chad was bringing the generator just in case.)

So, we start setting up for the party. At almost exactly 4:30, the power is restored! Hooray for Alabama Power! Everything is coming together...the rain has stopped, the moon-walk guy sets up, the clowns (Chad and Mikey) are getting dressed, all the kids are dressed, and I think I just saw the sun peek out from behind the clouds!

It's Party Time!

The guests started arriving right on time.
We had face-painting by my sister, Tiffany.
Most of the girls chose to be butterflies,
and the boys wanted super-hero faces.


For entertainment and to help with the games and stuff,
I asked my brother and brother-in-law to dress-up as clowns.

My brother, Chad

My brother-in-law, Mikey

We moved outside.
We had tables and chairs set-up in the garage.

Maddie Rae, and Karyn
Jenny and Teagan
PawPaw and Archer
Ava and Ashton
Ava and GranGran
We had a popcorn machine, and
my mom was in charge of churning out the popcorn.
It tasted good, and everyone loved the smell!
Jennifer, Mary Brooke, and Archer
Lisa and Michelle

The kids played outside for awhile,
and people helped themselves to the hotdogs and BBQ.
Then it was time to move back inside for presents.
The clowns ushered the kids inside to play
"Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

Ava opening some of her presents.

After presents, we went back outside to sing
"Happy Birthday" and have cake.
The cake was really yummy with "whipped" icing.
It was finally "Pinata Time".
The kids had patiently been waiting

Leighton taking a swing.

The aftermath of the pinata.
Mommy and Ava acting silly.

Ava loving on her daddy.

Now the kids just continued to play in the moonwalk...

As day turned to night, and the sun set...

Still more fun was to be had on the play-yard.

Train for 4!

The party was coming to an end, and I think everyone had a great time, including my baby girl Ava. The next morning, she asked me, "Why does my party have to be over?"

All in all, we had 50 guests: 22 kids and 28 adults. We ate 2lbs worth of BBQ sandwiches and consumed 32 hotdogs. There was 1/4 of the birthday cake leftover. We cooked 3 batches of popcorn. No one left hungry!

Would I do it a heartbeat! Next week, NO!

I love you Ava, Happy 4th Birthday!


  1. That is right. We can do it again but not next week!! Loved the post!!!

  2. I am so glad everything went well for the party. I was thinking about yall as it was pouring at my house. Henley's party went really good on Friday night. It didnt start pouring until about 7:30 so the kids that were left played in the pouring rain....that was the most fun! oh by the did a really good job on the face painting!

  3. Wow. That looks like a lot of fun! She'll always treasure that memory!

  4. OOOhh! I have some pics to add - how do i get them to you?

  5. Super cute party! I need to get on planning Hallie's..who did you rent the moonwalk from?everybody i've found is so far away or expensive.