Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Fall Bugs..."

So, the beginning of Fall has brought with it not just cool breezes, hazy sundowns, and playing outside, but also BUGS...

I don't mean the squirmy, itchy-biting, yuck bugs. I mean the gotta stay home and in the bed bugs. Last week, I was caught off guard by a 24-hour stomach virus that kept me from work. Thankfully, the kids didn't catch it. Then, last night Ava woke up with a 102 temperature. I had to miss work again today. We treated her fever, and this morning she slept a little later than usual, but she says she feels great, and no more signs of a fever...so, I guess she has conquered.

A virus that would normally keep a kid down for a few days, just seems to bounce right off of her. I hope Archer has her immunity qualities. He has a bad cough, but nothing thats keeping him from eating, smiling, and sleeping!

So, I hope my little family is getting all of the illnesses out of their system right off of the bat! We don't want to miss anything due to being sick.

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