Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Not Me Monday...or Tuesday!"

I would never post my "Not Me Monday" post on Tuesday morning.

I couldn't put water in my little girl's oatmeal and tell her that I used milk...I would feel too guilty!

I would never stop giving my baby his antibiotics a few days early because he hates it so much, and then have to restart it because I wasn't compliant...No, not this nurse!

I'm too much of an animal right's activist to encourage my daughter to kick the stray dog that keeps jumping up on her and my nephews when they try and go outside to play.

I did not and could not spend WAY too much money at my first bi-annual consignment sale for the kids, and what could someone do from 4PM-midnight at one of those sales...I know I wouldn't still be there looking through clothes, toys, and everything else that you could possibly want for a 5 month old and a 4 year old!

I'm sure if my 4 year old daughter insisted on calling people "butt-holes" and her own variation of the word, "mutt-moles", I could think of some better way to punish her than by putting a drop of soap on her tongue...who would do that?

Once again, this has made me feel so great about myself...
the things some people will do!

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  1. I know my oldest daughter would never do those things mentioned on this blog.