Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Ava's Birthday Treats for Preschool!"

Ava's preschool lets the kids have a special treat on each of their birthday's if the parent wants to bring something for the class...well, you know I did!

I opted to make something different which just happened to be pretty easy! I didn't want to make cupcakes for 40, so I bought these little Rice Krispy Treat Squares and fixed them up...
I placed them in the cupcake holder which were really cutesy for girls.
Then, I melted the white chocolate almond bark
in the microwave according to instructions
and spooned some onto each square.
Lastly, I sprinkled each chocolate topped treat with sprinkles!
Now, that was easy and the kids at the preschool loved them...
and so did the messy icing!
Happy Birthday Ava!

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