Saturday, February 25, 2012

"what's working for me?"

I have been overweight my whole life, with diet "sprints" that I can remember dating back to the 3rd grade. This time the biggest change is that I am viewing this as more of a lifelong "marathon"! I know I can't do what it takes to drop the weight, only to gain it all back. I would be devastated. So, instead I am changing the way I think of food, what I eat, and actually how much I'm eating. It's just food!

It's just's just's just food...

So, what's the big deal? Why is this so hard?

Food was my thing. I could eat it when I was happy, sad, mad, bored, etc. I could eat with company or without! It is always around to hang out! It's so easy to get it wherever and whenever. Food is so very available!

On the flip side of that, healthy food is also so very available. If you are prepared and put some effort into having stuff thats good for you, then you can make it happen. It may not be as convenient as going through the drive thru for a Big Mac, but no one promised it was going to be easy...just that you can do it if you want.

I do!

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